Silence is Golden...especially when you're about to say something stupid

July 18, 2016

 Job 2:11-13; 3:1-4, 11; 4:2-9; 7:11-21


So Job passed the first test from the Satan.  But the Satan still doubts his faithfulness.  So he goes back to God.  Guest preacher Daryl Bohac said it well - Satan doubts in Job but God believes in him.  Satan doubts's God that believes in us.


God lets the Satan test Job even further and Job ends up with sores all over his body.  Job's wife tells him "curse God and die!"  She can't take it anymore.  But Job sits silent.


Three of his friends show up and sit with him in his silence for seven days.  As Daryl pointed out, silence can often be the most comforting thing we can offer someone in pain.  At first the three friends get it - but Eliphaz can take it no longer.  He opens his mouth and everything goes to hell.  He tries to explain the evil that has befallen Job...worse yet, he tells Job it has to be his fault!  Surely Job's suffering is deserved, even though he can't think why.


Blame the victim still happens.  We look for something someone must have done wrong that explains what's happening.  I think fear is often the root of that - if suffering is just a part of life, we have to face up to the fact that it could happen to us.


Job still doesn't curse God...but he does begin to register his complaint with God.  That complaint will grow more strident as we proceed through the story.


What questions and comments do you have?



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