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October Week 1 Assignment and Video 
       Genesis 41:33-57 
           Video: Joseph in Egypt
October Week 2 Assignment and Video
Baby Moses
Exodus 2:1-10

Video - Baby Moses

October Week 3 Assignment and Video
Moses and the Burning Bush

Exodus 3:1-15

Video - Moses and the Burning Bush

October Week 4 Assignment and Video
The Red Sea

Exodus 14:1-30

Video - The Red Sea

October Week 5 Assignment and Video
The Ten Commandments


Exodus 20:1-17

Video - The Ten Commandments


First Adult Ed "salon" will be Sunday October 2 from 4 - 5:30 pm at the Clint Johannes NRD building at Lake Wanahoo. This is a beautiful space overlooking the lake. The topic for the first one will be vocation – how do we live as Christians in our everyday lives?



October 2 – 4-5:30 pm, NRD building, Lake Wanahoo - topic is Christian Vocation

October 30 – noon at Zion – /topic tbd

November 13 – Noon at Bethlehem - LGBTQ issues

January 15 – 4-5:30 pm, offsite, topic tbd

February 5 – noon at Zion, topic tbd

Confirmation class for middle school students meets the first three Wednesdays of the month at 7 pm. We are focused on Lutheran Living this year, learning some theology and learning how to live as Jesus' disciples.

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